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Everyone wants to get better at photography, but what sets apart the beginners from the seasoned experts who get paid to travel and work around the world?

In this exciting and informative workshop and travel experience, we’ll focus on exactly that – giving you the tools to get better at taking photos, editing photos and promoting your photos, to help you reach the top of your industry. Whether you’re shooting on an iPhone and use Instagram as your main social medium, or you’ve got a new DSLR you have questions about, we will cover the basics and more advanced techniques throughout our three days together.

Our trip will involve a detailed two-hour workshop on the first night, and from there, you’ll be able to put that knowledge into action as you travel through some of America’s coolest canyons.

Meet Your Guide

Jaye Callahan

Jaye is a producer and cinematographer, whose work has taken her across the US, South America, Africa, South East Asia and Europe. Jaye has worked on programming for National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Discovery, Travel Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, Amazon and The New Yorker Presents.

download info Fall 2017 $1850 Book Now

Just ask, we're here for you!


day 1

3 hour photography workshop with professional female photographer, Jaye Callahan.

We’ll discuss everything from DSLR settings to iPhone apps that will help with shooting, editing and promoting the best images you’ve ever taken.

Get to know one another over dinner and drinks.

day 2

Enjoy breakfast before a fun day. Explore the Grand Canyon on our exclusive photo tour. Get hands on help with framing, shooting in a variety of light.

Enjoy a picnic lunch in a gorgeous setting.

When we return to the hotel, we’ll go over editing in more depth.

day 3

Enjoy breakfast before we set out. Explore iconic Lower Antelope Canyon on an exclusive tour with a Navajo guide.

Picnic lunch before returning to work on editing and promoting your images.

The next morning, we’ll get you ready to head back to home with a variety of transport options to the airport.