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download info May 19-22, 2017 $1850

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If you’ve got a story you’re working on or have been aching to tell, this is the trip for you. Our popular Colorado “Riding + Writing” retreat combines an incredible non-fiction, memoir and poetry workshop (tailored to your individualized needs) with some of Colorado’s best offerings: horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains and whitewater rafting.

Join us as we tap into our creative side, let that energy flow onto the page and hone our craft in this fun-filled 3-day adventure.

Meet Your Guide

Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis is the CEO of Damesly, and the founder & creator of Go! Girl Guides (travel guidebooks for women) and the annually sold-out Women’s Travel Fest. She’s a dreamer, a doer, and an eternal optimist who is currently based in New York City. She lives to see the world and help other women do the same.

download info May 19-22, 2017 $1850 Book Now

Just ask, we're here for you!



day 1

Arrive to Denver International Airport.

3 hour writing workshop to work on crafting your voice and finding direction for your story

Later in the evening, enjoy a city tour before dinner.

day 2

Start the day with a two hour workshop to continue working on your story or discuss things like finding an agent, getting published and promoting your story.

After that, enjoy a picnic lunch before we go horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains.

After, take a visit to the iconic hotel from The Shining.

day 3

Continue working on your story for two hours in the morning.

Optional white water rafting tour!

Transfer to airport that night or the following morning.


"I think it's great to take time out of your busy life to reflect on what's going on & help others in the process. I want to do it again!"

- Sarah, Denver

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