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download info Mar 25-31, 2017 $2800

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Calling all ladies unafraid to dream big—we’re going to Hawaii!

Is something keeping you from living your dream life? Have you got an idea for a business that you want to work towards? Do you just want to get some clarity on things? Join us in Hawaii for our “Islands + Identity” tour, where we get to the heart of what’s keeping you from actualizing the things you know you want to pursue and come together to help you get crystal clear about your heart’s calling.

This is the first and only tour that Damesly will run that addresses your inner spirit. What’s your purest desire? How can you get to the root of what it is you really want?

On this special trip, we will combine fun activities like snorkeling and surf lessons, along with activities designed to feed your soul, led by a renowned life coach. Join us as we get to know each other and ourselves better, take some time to slow down and enjoy the world around us, and become more in touch with the Hawaiian spirit and way of life.

Meet Your Guide

Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis is the CEO of Damesly, and the founder & creator of Go! Girl Guides (travel guidebooks for women) and the annually sold-out Women’s Travel Fest. She’s a dreamer, a doer, and an eternal optimist who is currently based in New York City. She lives to see the world and help other women do the same.

download info Mar 25-31, 2017 $2800 Book Now

Just ask, we're here for you!


day 1

Arrive to Honolulu and transfer to accommodation, rest for a while and enjoy champagne on the beach before we get ready for dinner.

Tonight over dinner we will get to know each other better while we toast to an incredible week.

day 2

Enjoy breakfast as we get ready for a big day.

Today we’ll head up to the north shore, where we’ll have surf lessons and explore some of Hawaii’s most famous beaches and waterfalls.

Later that afternoon and evening, we’ll start our meetings with our life coach to start to de-clutter and align you with your dream life.

day 3

Today we’ll head over to the east side of the island for some breathtaking views and fun.

We’ll start by snorkeling at world-renowned Haunama Bay, and then we’ll wind our way through Waimanalo, where we’ll stop for a yummy authentic plate lunch.

From here we’ll head to Kailua, home of famous Lanikai Beach, where we’ll take a short hula lesson and enjoy local shave ice.

day 4

Try your hand at paddle boarding or continue with your surf lessons, or take the morning for a one-on-one with our coach.

Today we’ll focus on the aloha spirit, with an optional lei making class, and some free time in the afternoon to do whatever your heart desires.

At night, you’ll have the option to take a famous ghost tour, and get acquainted with the island’s “other” locals.

day 5

We’ll start the day with a morning hike or some yoga.

Or, rest up before the afternoon, where we’ll visit Iolani Palace, the home of Queen Liliuokalani, the last of Hawaii’s monarchy before it was made a US statehood.

Our afternoon will give us a visit to a spiritual he’eau before a yummy dinner in Kaneohe. At this point in your journey you should be clear about what it is you really want and have built the road map for how to get there.

day 6

Today’s day is all about you.

We’ll help you book a spa treatment, take you to our favorite beaches, or bring you out on a hike.

Let us know in advance what your wishes are for this last day and we will make them happen.

day 7

Morning breakfast/ departures to the airport.

At this point you should be leaving with new best friends, a more clear vision of your goals, and memories of the entire island.