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“I think it’s really important to have a space for women who love to travel, to come together, connect, and share stories of our adventures,” says the American entrepreneur. “Too often, women are told that it’s impossible, irresponsible, or unsafe to travel. I am doing my part to try to change that.


– Dame disruptors: Meet the women changing travel by

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“Travel and newfound knowledge typically go hand-in-hand. Traveling, you tend to pick up on key life skills like how NOT to miss your 5am flight (even though it might feel next to impossible) or how to navigate a city in which you don’t speak the language. However, if you’re looking to pick up a new creative skill on your next vacay AND meet some epic boss buds along the way, we suggest checking out the new travel company Damesly.


Damesly was founded by travel veterans Kelly Lewis and Alyson Kilday. The idea behind the tour company is simple: Curate epic trips for professional women where they can learn a creative new skill in a new city.”


Damesly Is the New Girlboss Travel + Workshop Hybrid You’re Going to Love by Brit + Co

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“Ms. Lewis also started a website to supplement the books (one of the most popular posts is: “Late Period While Traveling, Don’t Panic”), a travel conference called Women’s Travel Fest, which was held for the third time in March on the Lower East Side, and, with Alyson Kilday, Damesly, a tour company for professional women. Here are edited excerpts from a conversation with Ms. Lewis.”


– Tips for Women Traveling Solo by New York Times

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“There’s a brand new company that helps women bring additional dimensions to their travel – learning or perfecting a specific skill while enjoying camaraderie. Damesly, founded by two women, will launch its inaugural trip, Cameras + Canyons, next month. Guests, exclusively women, will spend two days shooting photos in the Grand Canyon.


Damesly co-founder Kelly Lewis previously founded the Go! Girl Guides travel guidebook series, written by and for women, as well as Women’s Travel Fest, a travel show that has sold out annually for its first three years. Of Damesly, she said, via release, “…there is a huge community of women who are looking for ways to connect with each other through travel…[they] are creative, they’re driven, they’re professional.”


– New Women’s Travel Company Focuses On Fun Learning by Forbes

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“Many travelers embark on a Damesly adventure to connect with like-minded women but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. “Nothing helps you to get to know yourself, your strength, and the world around you like traveling,” explains Lewis. “You discover who you are, what you want, what options are available to you and what kind of life you want to live—but it isn’t all roses. Sometimes traveling is difficult. Sometimes traveling solo, in particular, is scary—I started Damesly to focus more on the wonderful connections you form when you travel with someone.”


– 10 Badass Female Founders to Inspire your Wanderlust by Huffington Post

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“Alyson Kilday is the co-founder of a company called Damesly. Damesly is a new boutique tour operator that aims to connect creative and professional women. The Damesly experience combines networking with travel. So instead of meeting interesting women on LinkedIn you meet them hiking in the Andes.”


Bagels, Women, Genes and Drugs by Out To Lunch

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New Orleans-based entrepreneur Alyson Kilday is known for Hop & Jaunt, a creative agency she co-founded years ago. Now Kilday is involved in a new startup called Damesly, that operates tours for women.

The company launched its beta at the beginning of August to connect creative and professional women through travel.

Kilday teamed up with Kelly Lewis, the woman behind Go! Girl Guides and the annual Women’s Travel Fest for Damesly.”



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