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Q&A With Damesly Founders

Q&A With Damesly Founders

Hi, I’m Liz! As a long time fan of Damesly, I was given the chance to ask the founders, Kelly and Aly some questions about their amazing women-only tour company.


So let’s just dive right in, what is Damesly and why should I join you ladies on these trips?


Aly: Damesly is more than just a trip, the reason to join us is to connect with women who share your passions and interests, learn new skills, all the while happening to be in an amazing destination.


Kelly: Damesly was formed in an effort to take awesome women on amazing trips. We wanted to build a community of creative and entrepreneurial women. When you join a trip, you get to see an amazing destination and also leave feeling inspired to pursue the next level in your career or business.






Couldn’t I just do this trip on my own? What is the benefit for me?


Aly: The benefit is meeting and befriending amazing women who you may not have gotten to know otherwise. Sharing an adventure together and learning together is a rewarding experience.


Kelly: Sure, most places you probably could. The difference here is in the workshops and the community. In these ways, we offer something no one else can.





Why is Damesly only for women?


Aly: There is a lack of female mentors in most industries. By bringing together women with a shared interest we want to foster building an organic network of kickass ladies around the world.


Kelly: We believe women our each other’s biggest strength when it comes to encouraging one another climb in our creative pursuits. We wanted to harness the magic that happens every year at Women’s Travel Fest, and take it traveling. And it’s amazing!





Question: What types of women travel with Damesly?


Aly: Women who want to explore not only the world but better themselves with immersive experiences and by connecting with others.


Kelly: Creative, entrepreneurial, badass, fun, smart women. Women who need a refresh or a jolt of inspiration. Women not afraid to chase their dreams.





Well, I definitely fit the bill! Typically, how many of these badass women are on each trip?


Aly: Up to 8 right now.


What does the future for Damesly look like?


Kelly: I want to grow Damesly to be a real resource for women, meaning I want chapters across the country and world that can serve to boost women up. I want to host meet ups, conferences and inspiring events that feature women in their communities. The important thing for us is community, and growing that so that there are not just trips, but chapters and masterminds, so to speak, happening all of the time.




What are some upcoming trips I should be excited about?


Kelly: Aly and I are each excited for separate trips! I’m excited for Iceland for the raw beauty, and particularly pumped for our Lake Powell, Arizona trip as part of our new Damesly mini series we just launched: affordable 3-day workshops!





Aly: I’m excited about the “Makers + Magnolias” weekend held in New Orleans because it’s not only right in my backyard but showcases so many people and places that I’ve been dying to meet/check out together with a creative workshop aimed at makers who need that push to put their project/product out there into the world.





But I’m honestly excited about all of them. Each is a unique trip that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


How is Damesly different from other women’s travel groups?


Aly: We’re a place for women to connect based more on their passions and professional level than just the interest in a destination. We replace conference rooms with the Grand Canyon, after work black-dress networking events with a hike in Iceland.


If I have a great idea for a trip, can I lead a Damesly adventure?


Aly: We currently vet our leaders based on either their expertise in a certain field or of a destination. If you have a unique insight or skill you want to share. Then we want to hear from you.


Kelly: Sure! If you’ve got a great idea for a workshop and can turn it into a killer trip, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot an email to dameslygals@gmail.com.


For more information about Damesly and the incredible trips they are launching, visit damesly.com.

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