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What to do if Your Flight Gets Delayed or Canceled Before a Tour 

Flight delays can put a fizzle on your trip excitement faster than just about anything we know.  Truly, few things are worse than watching the…

Best Places To Travel

The 5 Best Places to Travel to for Women in 2023

Calling all solo female travelers! Know you want to travel more but aren’t a group trip kinda lady? Looking for the best places to travel…

travel again

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Travel Again

Are you looking for some telltale signs to travel again? How do you know when it’s time for another lap around a fresh continent or…

travel photos

How to Take Better Travel Photos

One of the (okay, perhaps the only) exciting post-trip tasks is looking over the hundreds of travel photos you took. There’s nothing like experiencing the…

Zoom Background

How to Create a Travel-Inspired Zoom Background

Want a cool new way to manifest your dream trip? Put yourself in a place where you’ll see it every day – as your travel-inspired…

Gemstones Countries

A World of Treasures: What Countries are Famous for Their Gemstones?

Have you ever wondered where different gemstones come from? Tourmaline from Brazil, peridot from Arizona, amethysts from Uruguay—it’s fascinating to think about the long journey…

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

5 Essential Oils to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety Before Your Next Trip

Feeling stressed before a trip? You’re not alone! If you’re like most people, you both love, and hate traveling. Being on a trip is amazing,…

travel splurge - cruise

Travel Splurges that are just Worth It

Any way you slice it, travel costs money. And on that note, while I’m all about saving money, there are definitely times when travel splurges…

travel the world

Is it Selfish to Travel the World?

I know! You want to scream, “DUH of course it’s not selfish to travel the world” at me just by reading the headline on this…

career and travel

5 Ways to Balance Career and Travel

We know all too well: it’s tough balancing your career and travel goals and making the transition from bohemian-gypsy traveler to busy career woman.  On…


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