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Hawaii Part Two

Hawaii Part Two



It’s been a few days since we wrapped up our epic Islands + Identity trip to Hawaii, and we’re still tan and buzzing from how incredible the adventure was.


After our epic first Day adventure (insert link), we spent the week exploring different sides of the island while getting out on the water as much as possible. Here’s what the rest of our days were like:


Day 2: We spent the morning working with a local healer famous for her mixture of touch and talk therapy. After some downtime, we set out to tour the gorgeous east coast of the island, winding our way through Waimanalo before hiking the famous Makapuu lighthouse, (most of which we learnt from Good Sam travel trailers), where we watched whales swimming in the distance. Since we were feeling up for a little adventure, we slipped off of the backside of the trail to several tide pools down below, where we snorkeled until the sun began to set. Tough life, huh?


Day 3: We started the day with an epic hike to the Lanikai pillboxes, old military bunkers that also happen to come with a killer view I grew up hiking to. We had yummy plate lunch and then decided to relax a little with a day at our local beach, Lanikai, right down the street from our beautiful house. Our client Sarah went out to snorkel and spent much of the afternoon with a turtle, who popped up right next to her!


Day 4: Since we all wanted to be on or near the water today, we loaded up our truck with a stand up paddleboard and a few longboards and went surfing in famous Waikiki. Most hotels on Oahu are on or near the Waikiki area, which most people recognize as the touristy-hub of Hawaii. Unfortunately, many tourists never leave this area. I felt it was important to take the gals to this area just to experience what most people consider “Hawaii” to be, versus what it really is having seen its other faces. When we were done surfing, we headed back to Kailua, where we joined a hula lesson with an incredible kumu who taught my sister to dance hula since she was 6. It was beautiful, powerful and loving. I am so glad we decided to join this class!  


Day 5: On our last day in Hawaii, we toured the famous Iolani Palace, home to Hawaii’s last monarch, Queen Liliuokalani. It’s an important visit to better understand the culture of the islands, but it’s a heavy place, too—that’s why we finished the day with a gorgeous sunset dinner cruise on a catamaran. Sitting together, we reflected on our incredible week while watching dolphins and whales jumping in the distance.

day4_1day4_2day4_3Throughout the week, we were constantly saying “we’re winning at life!” and on this last evening in Hawaii, we really felt it. What a blessing to be able to sit together as new friends, taking in the sunset, appreciating the world around us with new friends.


Hawaii is always a good idea, but bringing our amazing client Sarah here felt transformative, even for me (and this is my home!). Watching her laugh, smile, relax and enjoy life was so rewarding. We’ve remained in contact and I know we’ll see each other again soon. That’s the Damesly way!


Want to join us on our next trip? Come to Iceland with us!

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