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Islands + Identity, Damesly goes to Hawaii.

Islands + Identity, Damesly goes to Hawaii.

When I was younger, I dreamed of big worlds. I wanted open fields, majestic scenery—I wanted to own a car and be able to drive it, for as long as I wanted, in any direction.


Fast-forward 20 years of traffic: what was I thinking?


Isn’t it funny how we focus on the things we think we want, while ignoring the things we have in front of us?


I was lucky enough to grow up on Oahu, Hawaii but I’m not sure I started to really truly appreciate it until a year before I left home for college. But I’ve had a lot of time to reflect, and to recognize with new eyes, just how blessed I was to grow up in what was a small, friendly town called Kailua.


Damesly is heading to Hawaii

In two weeks, I’ll be taking some lovely, creative, talented women back to the island with me, to show them the sights and secrets I grew up finding.


We’re going to surf. We’re going to hike. We’re going to connect with the earth and each other and work on our #powergoals for the year. It’s going to be equal parts inspiring and relaxing. I’m going to show you some things that will blow your mind, historically. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also get to meet some people who have been incredibly influential in my life.


We still have a couple of spots left—join us!


Here’s a breakdown of what I’m most excited about:



  • Surfing: No surprise there! I have been out of the water for too long and I can’t wait to get back in and play. For those on this trip who have never surfed before, never fear! We have some really incredible women on hand to fascilitate that part.


  • Hiking: There are incredible trails all over the island, and I’m going to bring you on some of my favorite hikes. Some of these may, or may not, end in waterfalls. 😉


  • Snorkeling: Under-the-sea, under-the-sea: we can’t bring you to this magical paradise and not give you the chance to glimpse the amazing world that’s taking place just below the surface of the water.


  • Connecting: I love getting to know the dreams and ambitions of my fellow travel sisters. This journey is exactly what the doctor ordered and I know we will gain confidence and clarity by the end of the week. We all need a little reminder that we are on the right track sometimes. This is the week to seek that!


  • Exploring: Though we have a day-by-day itinerary planned, I also welcome the chance to get off the road and just explore. I’ll be bringing you to some of my favorite hole-in-the-wall poke and haupia joints, and I’ll pull the car over ANY time you want. Let’s feel that wonderful salt water in our hair, ladies! It’s TIME.


We have a few spaces left on this epic journey. Come with us!