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we are damesly

We make travel dreams come true.

As one of the best women's tour companies in the world, we’ve helped over 5k ambitious women (just like you) build friendships through our women-only tours and custom travel planning services. Find support in our close-knit community, and take drool-worthy trips around the world.

We also happily support women around the world financially through our tours.

How do we support women?

Financial independence is empowering.

So whenever possible, we stay in women-owned hotels, eat in women-owned restaurants, work with women-owned suppliers and invest in women-owned businesses on our tours.

This isn't charity - it's intention.

By supporting the global women's economy, we are giving back to the communities that give to us.

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"It was truly a pleasure meeting the other women on this tour. We laughed, we cried and we ate ice cream together."


"Really takes the cake…great friendships, what an amazing experience!"

damesly sahara desert tour morocco


"If you’re reading this, that means you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a Damesly trip to Morocco. Do yourself a favor: DO. IT."


"I’m still absolutely floored with the beauty of all of our hearts together in support for what we want our lives & our creative fire to be …"



"Morocco is magic, there is no other way to put it. There are a million reasons you should go experience Morocco and if you have any inkling you want to go I say GO. But more than anything you need to go with Damesly."



"It was an amazing start to my USA trip and has left me with many lasting memories. The whole tour was wonderfully organised and the experience felt so personalised and tailored to the group."

denver colorado


"In a season of my life when I needed to just be, this trip gave me time and space to do that. I was fully present and I’ll never forget the experience. I would highly recommend traveling with Kelly!"

horseshoe bend photography tour


"Bryn Silverman, our photographer did such a great job with helping each person improve their skills from where they were at. I would defiantly recommend this trip for anyone who would like to get someone on one instruction and enjoy a beautiful part of the world"


The Damesly Difference is simple: we create really amazing trips, for really amazing ladies.

Women have been socialized to put themselves last, to eschew “luxuries” like travel, and to stay “safe” by staying home. 

We call BS on that nonsense! 

We specialize in creating unique, luxurious, bespoke trips that YOU DESERVE and that leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

We believe that travel is the best way to personal growth — but you don’t have to go it alone if you don’t want to!

Our exclusive small group, women-only tours deliver once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that introduce you to new places, new cultures, and new people.

We are driven by three core values: community, cause and comfort. 

Travel with us on a small group tour, or contact us to design your own private trip! 

Life is short. Let's knock out that bucket list!

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Meet our team of boss lady travelers

We are a global sorority, and you’re a part of it.

Kelly Lewis

Kelly Lewis

CEO & Trip Leader
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retha charette

Retha Charette

Trip Leader
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jay siren

Jay Siren

VP, Strategic partnership
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bryn silverman

Bryn Silverman

Trip Leader
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timathea workman

Timathea Workman

Trip Leader
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Alexis Dean-Shubin

Trip Leader
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And Our Sister Brands

Maya Asher

Maya Asher

Trip Leader
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Go! Girl Guides publishes the world’s first series of travel guidebooks made specifically for women.  


Women's Travel Fest is an annual conference created to inspire, empower and connect women who travel.

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