5 Ways to Balance Career and Travel

5 Ways to Balance Career and Travel

We know all too well: it’s tough balancing your career and travel goals and making the transition from bohemian-gypsy traveler to busy career woman. 

On the one hand, building up your finances, your investments and creating more stability can feel so good. But on the other, not having the freedom to jump on a boat or plane to wherever your heart desires at any given moment can be stifling. 

If the bohemian in you wants to rebel and pack up for a week to explore – we got you! Here are some ways we have found that work in terms of balancing your work life, and your travel goals. 

1)   Have trips to look forward to – and talk about them with your workmates

We always know where our next trip is so that we can perpetually remain excited about what’s to come. The best way we’ve found to get time off? Share those travel goals and dreams with your work team! 

Tell your boss about the time you volunteered in Rwanda and how it changed you forever. Show her pictures from that getaway to Mykonos and how restorative it was for your creativity. The people in our lives generally want good things for us. That includes our bosses! 

career and travel - look forward

2)   Monitor your finances and stick to your goal

Once there’s money in the bank, it’s pretty easy to just ‘buy this one dress’ or visit the hairdresser, or spend money on another online course. 

However, all this fun stuff costs money that takes away from trip savings. Try using a mobile app to keep your saving on track. We like Mint Mobile and You Need a Budget. 

3)  Set travel goals upfront when starting a new job 

Believe me, your boss will want you to be happy and not become burnt out. Have an honest conversation with your boss about your travel goals and you will be sure to create some understanding.

Ask them, “what is your expectation of reasonable vacation time in regards to my position?” “Could I use my overtime/lieu hours to put towards my vacation?” Use this option only if it is financially wise for you. 

Are you allotted unlimited vacation days? And are you able to actually use them? What things need to be done in order for you to take time off without guilt? 

4)   Plan around your workload

If you know you’re heading into an insane Q2, just wait until the next quarter for your larger trip. Instead, try to squeeze in a 4-day weekend trip (like our tour to the Grand Canyon, for instance!)

Draw up a work plan to share with your boss to make sure that you will be ahead of schedule by the time your vacation comes up. 

This way, you will have a bit of breathing space when you return and your boss will have little to no anxiety about your departure.

What are your main work priorities in the next 6 months? How can you get them done before your vacation? Then, make your work plan.

career and travel - planning


5)   Be clear on your plans

Book your vacation time well in advance of my trip in order to avoid any time schedule conflicts with my co-workers.

Ask: Are there any co-workers of mine that need to know of my plans? Will my vacation affect anyone’s workload? How can I help them be prepared?

After you’ve made all these arrangements, the trip falls entirely on you and it’s your job to keep the plan on course. It takes some commitment but a trip is always worth it!

Do you have any tips on how to maintain an ass-kicking career with time to travel? Any tips that have worked well for you in balancing your career and travel? Let us know in the comments!

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