Telltale Signs It's Time to Travel Again

Telltale Signs It's Time to Travel Again

Are you looking for some telltale signs to travel again? How do you know when it’s time for another lap around a fresh continent or a second backpacking extravaganza?

Are you burnt out or just bored? Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you are truly itching for a second long-term trip. Here are some signs that you have fallen under travel’s spell again.

If you spot yourself doing any of these – it’s probably time to take that trip! 

We can help (it’s kind of what we do). Check out this list of telltale signs, and then go check out our upcoming luxury small group tours. 

1. Your “First Time” travel guidebooks have magically found their way onto your desk.
travel again - telltale signs

2. Maps are splayed out across your desk with countries whimsically circled in pink highlighter.

3. Who set up that auto-draft payment into your travel account?  Yep, that’s right your subconscious travel girl did.

4. The lease is running low. And you totally do not care.

5. Craigslist’s “rent” tab is colored purple…for Mexico.

6. Your current surroundings make you feel a little too comfortable, and a little bit stagnant.

7. Routines, which used to give you comfort, now make you feel bored.

8. Something inside of you is yearning to see a different horizon—that gut feeling you had on the first go around is surfacing again.

9. Seeing National Geographic Traveler on the rack at the grocery store checkout gets you in your feels and on the verge of tears.

10. Memories of your previous travels are stronger than normal; you see yellow school buses and wish they were chicken buses, painted wild colors, and blaring Latin pop music.

11. You try to satisfy your urge to travel with smaller hops and jaunts—a weekend trip here, a short visit to a friend in the city—but it’s just not enough.

Extreme signs you gotta hit the road or travel again:

1. You have already pretend-packed a bag, just in case.
travel again - pretend-packed bag

2. You have cleaned out your closet, brought things to Goodwill, and (oddly enough) rented a storage unit…

3. You’ve researched the visa requirements in your top five countries of interest during idle moments at work.


You are in denial, girlfriend! It’s okay that the wanderlust bug bit you and refuses to let go. Even if you are no longer twenty years old and on your first trip, don’t deny to yourself that you want to travel!

Experience the symptoms, and realize the cure for the crash is the drug itself.

Commit to yourself, and travel this world. Be brave and know that it is okay to take another trip. Actually, it is more than okayit is your right and duty to live a magical, travel life. Go, baby, go! 

Do you catch yourself doing any of these? What place are you currently obsessed with? Let us know in the comments below!

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