Travel Splurges that are just Worth It

Travel Splurges that are just Worth It

Any way you slice it, travel costs money. And on that note, while I’m all about saving money, there are definitely times when travel splurges are worth it, and spending a little more to have a better travel experience.

Between the expense of your flights, the cost of your tour, and all the beautiful things you’re going to want to buy while traveling, there are undeniable costs that come with traveling the world. 

Of course, we still think travel is totally worth the investment. Here at Damesly, we know there is nothing like traveling the world to expand your horizons, re-energize your creativity, change your perspective, and quite literally change your life. 

Here are four travel splurges that are worth it. 

Splurge 1: Upgrading to your own room. 

While sharing a room with someone you don’t know on a tour can be a totally beautiful experience that can lead to long-lasting friendships – it also, sometimes, just doesn’t work. 

You may end up paying a little more, but being able to throw your things wherever you want and turn the lights on whenever you see fit is sometimes just worth it. 

Splurge 2: Flying first class. 

It’s true. Flying first class is just better than flying economy! While sometimes the costs are prohibitive to upgrade, there are often opportunities for you to use points, miles, or minimal amounts of cash to upgrade. 

If your flight is longer than 7 hours, upgrading will make you feel like a million bucks. I recently was able to upgrade to business on an American Airlines flight to Madrid for only $420. Worth every single penny! I arrived relaxed and refreshed, and my feet were not at all swollen. 

travel splurge - first class

Splurge 3: Relocating to a new country (or traveling with lots of luggage)

If you have ever packed up all of your belongings and moved across the country, or the globe, you know what I’m talking about. Baggage allowances on airlines are ridiculous! How are you supposed to move your entire life in one suitcase? 

After doing this a few times, I’ve realized it can be way more affordable (and comfortable!) if you use miles or pay for a flight upgrade. Business and first-class tickets typically allow for you to carry more bags with a greater weight limit. American Airlines, for example, bumps up your luggage allowance to two 70lb bags. That is much better than paying the $100 fee per bag!

Splurge 4: The “Once in a Lifetime” Opportunity.

Have you ever wanted to take a specific tour and didn’t because it cost too much? Or hesitated on buying a souvenir because of the price tag? These are the best times to splurge! 

In 5 years, you won’t regret going to see your favorite band in London or purchasing amazing tribal art. You won’t regret spending the money on that Antarctica cruise – because the memories will be so amazing! 

I have never met someone who wished they didn’t invest in an awesome tour. 

Money spent on travel is well spent, and if you truly don’t know if you‘ll have the chance to do the activity or buy the piece of art, do it now.

How to balance the extra costs

These travel splurges aren’t meant to ruin your budget or convince you that you’ll never be able to afford to travel. 

You can try to counteract these costs by budgeting for them over time. Here at Damesly, we use customer portals that allow our guests to pay down their invoice at whatever rate feels right to them, with a tour due in full 60 days before departure.

Another option is to compare your budget and determine what you really want to do/purchase and see if there are some things you can eliminate. Do you need that $600 budget you allotted for shopping? (if you’re going to Morocco, yes. If you’re going to Cuba, probably not). 

However the financials shake out, just remember, travel is the only thing that will make you richer. We have this one beautiful life to live. Make sure you’re enjoying it! 

travel splurge

Which travel splurges are your favorite? Do you have others we missed? Let us know in the comments below! 

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