Trip Leader

Heidi Zsa Zsa Benedikt

Heidi’s sea-going career ended with assisting in the NYC evacuation on Sept 11, 2001. Reevaluating her life, it seemed the perfect time to retire her Captain’s license and combine her passion for travel with a new career in tourism. How strange to now have the greatest job in the world from one of the worst days in her life. She loves being a tour guide and tour director.

Since 2018 Heidi has been living as a nomad choosing a life of experiences rather than possessions. The world is her home and every one is her teacher. Every day she reminds herself that a magical life exists on the edge of her comfort zone and has traveled to 75 countries on all seven continents, mostly solo. She hopes to encourage all women to live a life true to themselves.

Our lives are measured in moments. Defining moments endure in our memories. Heidi looks forward to meeting more Damesly women, sharing new experiences, and creating memories to last a lifetime.