6 Dishes You Have to Try in Georgia

6 Dishes You Have to Try in Georgia

I’m gonna be honest — the first time I went to the country of Georgia I had no idea what to expect. What would I see? What would the people be like? What foods and drinks would I be trying?

Ten days and a solid five pounds later, I became Georgia’s biggest advocate. I can’t stop talking about how much I love this country — so of course, I put together a trip here! 

From the red-roofs and cobblestone streets of Tbilisi to the natural wine produced here in vats in the ground (which monks will happily scoop you a cup of), I have come to believe that Georgia is one of the most underrated travel destinations on this planet.

And Georgian food? Ohmygerd, yummmm. Bring your stretchy pants for this one, ladies. Georgia is NOT a place you come to diet.

Here are the 6 delicious foods that you can only find — and that you absolutely must try — on your next visit to Georgia. 

1. Khachapuri

This Georgian cheesy bread is a staple in the region and you’ll find it almost everywhere. Think pull-apart monkey bread meets cheesy stuffed crust. It’s sinfully delicious and we dare you to try and just have one piece! 

You’ll find variations of Khachapuri throughout the country. Some places will add an egg on top, others will stuff it with dill. No matter where you try it, this ooey-gooey delight is scrumptious! 

2. Churchkhela

You’ll see these hanging in store windows throughout the country. Made with concentrated grape juice and strands of walnuts, these are left out to dry until a waxy layer emerges. They’re packed with protein and sugar and are tasty treats! 



3. Khinkali

Georgian soup dumplings, which are exactly as they sound! They come out scalding hot, but are meant to be eaten with your fingers. Dig a hole in the top, slurp up the juice, and knock them back! 

4. Mtsvadi

Also known as “meat-on-a-stick.” Typically these are made with beef or lamb, and look a bit like kabobs. However, Georgians like to eat them with tkemali, a sour plum condiment that gets poured over a great many of things! 

5. Tklapi

Nature’s original fruit-roll-up. Tklapi are long, flat sheets of fruit that have been pureed, spread over a sheet, and left to dry in the sun. Sweeter versions of this are made with figs or apricots, but some versions made with cherries can be quite tart! You’ll see vendors selling tklapi on the side of the highway as you leave Tbilisi. 

6. Lobiani

Essentially, lobiani is baked meats folded inside of a philo-type dough. It resembles a pizza, but it’s much flakier and typically filled with beans. Lobiani is generally cooked on a wood fire. 

7. Georgian Wine

No list of foods and drinks would be complete without mentioning wine. After all, Georgia is believed to be the very birthplace of wine, with evidence that the spirit began here some 8,000 years ago. 

Traditional Georgian winemaking used qvevri, terra-cotta containers that are buried underground to store and ferment the grape juice after it has been pressed and stomped. You’ll still find many winemakers that use these vats, and many monks and monasteries that produce wine! 

Georgia wine is organic and well-known around the world. It’s also rumored to never give you a hangover! We’ll let you decide for yourself on that one. 

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